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Your favorite summer evenings

Our barbecues

Available in several sizes  (60, 80, 100, 120 cm)  our barbecues are equipped with squared or circular grids , hooked and swivelling.
The quality of the materials used, guarantees you years of pleasure, gathered around the barbecue, with family or friends.

In your garden or on the beach, our models are produced in several designs and follow you everywhere.

Their user-friendlyness, ergonomics and ease, our barbecues will make you spend your best summer evenings.
With their simplicity of use and their pivoting grids, make each grill a great moment of pleasure.

Grill and smoke

Dry grapevines

They bring you a typical smoke, strong and distinctive flavours. They are used as main fuel, instead of common charcoal.

Start up

First of all, begin your fire with kindling. Then put the vines in the flames. Flames will quickly disappear as the vines will continue to slowly consume, giving off very pleasant smoke.

You don't have to wait for the vines to become live coals before you begin to cook as all the smell gives off as from the beginning


After + - 10 minutes, you can already put the food on the grill and enjoy the smoke. In this way, you'll enjoy all the vine-specific flavours.

Open a good bottle of wine and dinner's served.


Grapevine chips

Designed for a light and delicate smoke result.


Do you grill over common charcoal or gas ? These grapevine chips will allow you to flavour delicately your preferate meals.


Very simple and convenient, just throw a handful over glowing coals or in the smoking pan of your gas bbq to get an immediate smoke result.




Grill and smoke

Vine shoots

Perfect for quick grills.


Vine shoots are used as main fuel, instead of common charcoal. They quickly turn into glowing coals with typical flavours.


Start up

Make sure the place you will operate is convenient because of the flames coming out when starting.  

Put your vine shoots into your barbecue and light them on with a sheet of paper.



As soon as flames disappear, bring your meals right over the heating coals. After a few minutes, your grills are deliciously flavoured and ready to eat.

Vine shoots coals don't last more than 10 minutes. In case you would need longer grilling period, rather use our dry grapevines 10lb bags.