Who we are

About Barbecue & Vigne

Some history

The first years of Barbecue & Vigne Ltd

The "Maison Goffinet" was founded in 1997, it became Barbecue & vigne Ltd in 2010. We propose you our top quality barbecue selection and our typical aromatic fuel, dry grapevine. It's the favourite smoking wood of barbecue lovers and all gourmet people.

1997, the initial idea :  dry grapevines

It is the only one company in Belgium who can offer you these genuine products which will delight the grilled meat lovers We care ourself for all the different steps leading to final product.
We raise grapevines that are pulled out by well kwown wine producers who manage their vineyards. We proceed to a selection and we gather them. Afterwards, they are sawed and packaged after a short drying period. 

Our grapevine wood is sold trough retail stores, in logs of + - 6 to 8 " or reduced in chips.


2017, the logical continuation :  a barbecue range as beautiful as performing

20 years experience has allowed us to select for you this exceptional barbecue range. Easy to use and clever, their unique design enhances your garden. The materials chosen and their thickness guarantee you many years of use and pleasure.

Made in Denmark and not in Asia, for results that meets your expectations.