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*Photos not contractual, grids and accessories sold separately, prices incl. VAT.


Danish quality

It’s up to you to choose the configuration you prefer.

Available in several diameters (60, 80, 100, 120 cm) these barbecues are equipped with a square or round, suspended and pivoting grill.

Thanks to its ingenious fastening system, the grille can be moved with the fingertips, laterally and vertically. A hole in the centre of the barbecue makes it easy to remove the ashes that fall into a bucket.

User-friendly, ergonomic, easy to use, our barbecues will give you the best summer evenings. Their ease of use and their pivoting grills make every grilling a great pleasure.

How to get our barbecues?

You can order your barbecue by contacting us by e-mail, telephone or via our contact form.

If you live in Belgium you can buy our barbecues directly via our e-commerce platform.



  • BBQ diameter: 60, 80, 100 or 120cm
  • Material thickness : 4 mm
  • Height: 80cm (72cm for the 60cm diameter model)
  • Height-adjustable grid
  • Laterally movable grids
  • 4 removable feet
  • Handles: 2
  • Weight: 35kg without grills and accessories
  • Ash disposal opening
  • Anchor points for grid: 2 from model diam. 80cm (*)

Advice for use

  • Change the height of the grids and rotate them sideways as required
  • From diameter 80cm you can use 2 grids at the same time (square grid + round suspended grid)
  • Set up your BBQ on a flat surface
  • Never leave your BBQ unattended or within the reach of children

Maintenance tips

  • Remove the ashes and clean the grates after each use

  • Protect your BBQ with a cover

  • CLEANING TIP: use soda crystals with a little water and your grills will be as good as new without any effort smile

* It is possible to use both square and round hanging grilles at the same time.

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